AI Engineer/Developer – Data Innovation

  • Join our innovative software company specializing in developing cutting-edge solutions for the automotive dealership and corporate brands. As an AI Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in data analysis.Responsibilities:
    • Collaborate with our diverse and global team to design, develop, and deploy AI-powered software solutions tailored to the automotive sector.
    • Contribute to the creation of machine learning models, natural language processing algorithms, and computer vision systems to enhance user experiences.
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams to integrate AI capabilities into our existing and upcoming products.
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI technologies and techniques, incorporating best practices into our development processes.
    • Participate in code reviews, provide constructive feedback, and continuously improve our AI engineering practices.


    • A minimum of 1 year of hands-on experience in AI, including machine learning, deep learning, or natural language processing.
    • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++, with a solid understanding of data structures and algorithms.
    • Experience with popular AI libraries and frameworks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch.
    • Knowledge of statistical analysis and data processing techniques to handle large datasets.
    • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to apply AI techniques creatively to real-world challenges.
    • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, with the ability to work collaboratively in a globally distributed team.

    Preferred Qualifications (not mandatory):

    • Experience in the automotive industry or related domains is a plus.
    • Familiarity with cloud platforms and services for AI development and deployment.
    • Previous exposure to data engineering and data pipelines.

    Join our fast-paced and forward-thinking team, and together, let’s drive innovation and revolutionize the automotive landscape. We offer a dynamic work environment, growth opportunities, and a chance to make a significant impact in a rapidly evolving industry.

    Ready to take the wheel and accelerate your career? Apply now and be part of our quest to reshape the future of automotive technology with AI!