About Smartdealer

Founded in 2014, SmartDealer builds sophisticated SaaS web applications that are rapidly becoming the industry standard for automakers and their dealership operations.  SmartDealer’s clients include COX Automotive, JD Power, Mobis (KIA/Hyundai/Genesis), Porsche of North America, and many more dealerships and dealership groups.

In addition, SmartDealer has numerous long-term contract relationships with other leading third-party technology providers to distribute its technology products industry-wide on a “white-label” basis.  SmartDealer’s technology partners are among the “Who’s Who” in automotive software.  Most notably, in a venture with JD Power, SmartDealer provides the e-commerce accessories platform for Ford, FCA-Mopar (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo).

Year after year, we innovate.

Tailor made solutions. Customer first mindset.

In 2022, JD Power plans to expand SmartDealer into their international client base.  Other important strategic partners include Cox Automotive, Tekion, DealerBuilt, and Team Velocity.With principals and leaders having decades of collective automotive industry experience, SmartDealer meets client challenges by forging smart scalable technology solutions that expand the scope and functionality of client operations.  For example, SmartDealer built a cloud-based PIM for Porsche of North America to replace Porsche’s aging spreadsheet-based catalog data manager.

With SmartDealer’s new agile framework, Porsche can now easily build, maintain, deliver, and e-publish accurate parts and accessories catalog content to all its internal and third-party vendors in real-time, further expanding the reach and functionality of SmartDealer’s technology within the Porsche marketplace.This valuable tool has further application for part manufacturers in all industries to provide managed data content to their end-users in a single cloud-based application in real-time.Most notably, SmartDealer has impacted the dealership industry by introducing fully integrated parts and accessories platforms that allow dealerships and OEMs to participate together in an online and in-store accessory sales experience that promotes increased profits from the “top down.”

We’re A True Partner

SmartDealer’s technology platform is the most advanced in the industry and allows all of its technology products to be managed and operated together through a single multi-faceted back office.  Ford is presently implementing this system in all of its dealership territories throughout the United States and Canada.SmartDealer is uniquely positioned in a market segment where outdated legacy operating procedures are ripe for disruption with innovative technology products. In the accompanying documentation, you will learn why SmartDealer is expected to generate a multiple return on investment capital.  SmartDealer has earned its stripes in the industry and is well positioned for aggressive future growth.

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